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About the Firm

Located in New York City, The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Haber is dedicated to representing corporations, small businesses, partnerships and individuals involved in a broad range of complex business and commercial litigation matters.  Mr. Haber combines the sophistication and counsel of a large national law firm with the economy, flexibility, commitment and personal attention of a small firm.

Jeffrey M. Haber founded the firm after more than 25 years of working with a variety of clients in complex litigation, including securities class actions, securities arbitration, antitrust litigation, consumer class actions, commercial litigation and whistleblower litigation.

A Commitment to Clients

Mr. Haber is devoted to developing and fostering client relationships and being readily available to respond to their questions and concerns. By understanding his clients’ objectives and anticipating the problems associated with achieving these goals, he works with clients to develop well-thought-out strategies that will achieve successful outcomes.

Mr. Haber is aware of the necessity to adjust litigation and settlement strategies to suit the needs and resources of each client. He leverages his expertise with a trial-ready approach and strives to avoid costly litigation whenever possible. Maintaining open lines of communication and encouraging cooperation are cornerstones of Mr. Haber’s philosophy.


Mr. Haber’s vast experience in resolving complex legal, business and commercial disputes has afforded him knowledge and practical wisdom that enable him to provide each client with innovative and indispensable counsel. He routinely works with clients in the following areas:

Commercial Litigation

The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Haber provides comprehensive strategies to minimize the risk of disputes and provide cost-effective approaches in order to expediently resolve conflicts, whether through litigation, arbitration or mediation.
Running a business comes with inherent risks, including the potential for lawsuits, which, if not handled properly, can become a costly and time-consuming distraction.
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Complex Litigation

In today’s competitive landscape, complex litigation can be an expensive disruption to a corporation, partnership, small business or trust. Such litigation adversely affects an entity’s operations and its human capital.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation can be lengthy, costly and potentially damaging to the financial viability of a business and the financial security of an individual. Often, the parties can resolve their disputes without going to court by using alternative methods such as arbitration and mediation.

Securities Arbitration

Investing in the stock market can be challenging. Understanding investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, limited partnerships, annuities, hedge funds, derivatives and mutual funds can be overwhelming for investors.

Whistleblower Representation

The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Haber is committed to fighting for the rights of whistleblowers who expose fraud on the government and who are entitled to receive the compensation and protection they deserve for coming forward on behalf of taxpayers.

Business Matters

Launching a new venture or maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace often requires successfully navigating an array of legal complexities. The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Haber offers personal and professional service to business owners, entrepreneurs and executives on an array of business and legal matters.


Jeffrey M. Haber has earned recognition from many prestigious organizations and news outlets that serve as a testament to his hard work and dedication to those he represents.
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A Values Approach

Jeffrey M. Haber values hard work and professional service and he applies the lessons learned from over 25 years of experience. He is detail-oriented and knows that results matter.  Above all, he values each client individually and recognizes the importance of interpersonal relationships.

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